Welcome to Green Wilderness Lodge on beautiful Lake Mattagami


Lake Mattagami is one of the best Walleye, Northern Pike and Whitefish lakes in Northern Ontario.

Walleyes average around 2.5 pounds with high numbers available as well as trophy Walleyes up to 10 pounds. Don't worry, there are also lots of smaller 16-inch and 17-inch Walleyes, which are best for shore lunch.

Northern Pike are also very common and guests each year catch many Pike over 20 pounds. The majority of Northern Pike caught in the lake are between 20 and 35 inches.

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Lake Mattagami is also a rocky Canadian Shield Lake with many rocky points and shoals. Due to the high population of Walleye and Northern Pike, the Smallmouth Bass have not been able to become a dominant species in the lake but the Bronzebacks that survived the gauntlet of pike teeth have grown to be big. Smallmouth bass are not common like Walleyes and Northern Pike.

The lake has an extremely high population of Whitefish. In the spring before the May Fly hatch, guests can experience non-stop Whitefish action with the proper techniques. Whitefish are found in all different sizes up to 8 pounds.

Cabin The remote setting is the ideal place for that special wilderness vacation. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery as you travel 40 miles of open waterways. Plentiful nature trails offer the opportunity to explore the diverse landscape and snap the perfect photograph of grouse, snowshoe rabbit, lynx, black bear, ducks, geese or moose. Gogama is a beautiful wilderness area that's here for all to enjoy.

We also offer Moose hunting and one of the top Black Bear hunts in Ontario with extremely high success rates.

After a successful day of fishing, hunting or wilderness exploration, relax in our comfortable and clean housekeeping cottages.

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Russell & Linda Thibodeau