Ontario Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Smallmouth Bass Most of our guests come to Lake Mattagami for the great Walleye and Pike fishing. There are Smallmouth Bass in the south-end of the lake but they are by no means a dominant species. You can take a break from Walleye and Pike fishing and hunt down some bass but only expect to catch 3 or 4 in an afternoon.

Some of our guests consider it a challenge and hit the rocky points and shoals for bass. Other customer who have their limit of Walleye and Pike go after Smallmouth Bass to increase the amount of fish they can bring home. We just want to make it clear that Lake Mattagami is not a bass lake. We think of the bass as an added bonus to our other great fishing. The bass that are caught are usually a good size and can reach up to 4 pounds. The Smallmouth Bass population is growing. Many other lakes have seen bass populations explode once they get to a certain population threshold.


  • Limit: 6 bass with a sport license. 2 bass with a conservation license.
  • Restrictions: No size restrictions
  • Provincial Fish Sanctuary: Parts of the river are closed in the spring.
  • Open Season: Open all year.
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    Smallmouth Bass Smallmouth Bass Smallmouth Bass