Black Bear Hunting Tips

• Little movement
• Be scent free
• Don't smoke
• Be calm
• Make sure of your shot

Size: In most cases, big ears means a smaller bear. Small ears is usually a bigger bear. Once a bear reaches three years old (approx. 100 lbs.), the bear starts to grow into it's ears. The ears and eyes don't grow as much as they do in the first three years. Sometimes if a bear has a hard year with food, the ears will look bigger because the bear is thinner.

Cub: When a sow is with cubs, 90% of the time the cubs are in the lead. The cubs will make more noise than a single bear. Most of the time, adult bears make little or no noise.

Sow: You can't shoot a sow with cubs. This is the law. So make 100% sure you know what you are shooting at.