Map of Mattagami Lake

Max Depth: 200 feet
Surface Area: 7541 acres
Shoreline Not Counting Islands: 118 miles
Elevation: 1080 feet above seas level
Average Waterflow (in & out): 1935 cubic feet per second
Length Northwest Arm: 15.5 miles
Length Northeast Arm: 7.4 miles
Length Southwest Arm: 6.4 miles
Length Southwest Arm: 12.8 miles
Total Boatable Distance: 42.1 miles
Latitude: 47°50'09"N - 81°33'39"W
Latitude: 47.835833332501, -81.5608333004639

Fish Species: Walleye (Yellow Pickerel), Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Yellow Perch, Lake Whitefish, Lake Herring (Cisco), White Sucker and Burbot (Ling)

Printable .pdf Map of Mattagami Lake (North End) (South End) You can tape them together.