Walleye & Pike Fishing tips for Lake Mattagami

Walleye & Pike Fishing tips for Lake Mattagami

Walleye Fishing Tips:

  • 10 lbs. test line (due to large pike)

  • light to mid action rod

  • Orange, pink or white 1/4 oz. Jig-head

  • No rubber body. Use half of a worm. Put the worm on like a jig tail with no swivel.

  • Cast out and let your jig go to the bottom. Bounce it off the bottom slowly about 6-8 inches off the bottom once every two turns of your reel.

  • Fish in 17-30 feet of water depending on water temperature.

    Northern Pike Tips:

  • Use weedless plugs or lures close to shore or weed beds.

  • Most of the time the size or color of the lure does not matter.

  • Use a leader or you will lose all your lures. Pike do not hit the back of the lure like a bass. They strike the lure at all angles thus easily bight through the line.

    Fishing Checklist:

  • Rain gear
  • Camera
  • Warm and cold weather clothing as weather in the north can be unpredictable
  • Net
  • Tackle
  • Knife
  • Stringer
  • Extra fishing line
  • Cooler for beverages