Ontario Jumbo Perch Fishing

Perch In Lake Mattagami, you will catch more Walleye than Perch but there are lots of Perch mixed in. Sometimes guests come across a large school of Perch and can fill a pail. The limit is 50 with a sport license so it's a great way to bring a mess of fish home, especially with the size of our Perch.

The Perch in our lake are called Jumbo Perch because of their unusual size. In most lakes, Perch average about 9 inches while in Lake Mattagami; the Perch average an impressive 10 to 14 inches. They are like small Walleyes.

The Perch in our lake taste fantastic. The meat is white and firm and due to the cold water, the fish are free of worms and other parasites. In some of the bigger southern lakes, the perch have mushy semi-transparent meat, which makes them hard to clean and no good to eat. You never have that problem with our Perch.


  • Limit: 50 with sport license - 25 with conservation license
  • Restrictions: There are no restrictions.
  • Provincial Fish Sanctuary: Parts of the river are closed in the spring.
  • Open Season: Open All Year
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