Ontario Northern Pike Fishing

Northern Pike

Lake Mattagami is a healthy lake with all the right conditions to grow big trophy Northern Pike. The pike in our lake average around 4 pounds but bigger trophies up to 25 pounds have been caught and released.

Most pike hunters hit the weed beds with DareDevils, Spooks and weedless spoons or surface-lures but, surprisingly, guests who are Walleye fishing with small jigs catch many of the bigger pike. This can be true on many lakes because the big pike are feeding on the Walleyes. With this in mind, guests always have to be prepared to get a big fish on. Pike in our lake are easy to catch and can be taken in good numbers.

Northern Pike Regulations:

Limit: 6 pike with a sport license. 2 pike with a conservation license.

Restrictions (Sport License): Only 2 fish can be greater than 24 inches & only 1 can be greater than 34 inches.

Restrictions (Conservation License): Only 1 fish can be greater than 24 inches & Zero (0) can be greater than 34 inches.

Provincial Fish Sanctuary: Parts of the river are closed in the spring.

Open Season: Open All Year